14th Annual Brown University Spring Thaw Powwow

I was delighted to hear from the Native Americas at Brown (NAB) to conceive and design for their annual powwow, I was given free reign to create eye-catching aesthetics and promote the unity of the Native American communities and New England specifically Providence, RI. This year, I wanted to use different dancers compared to the Fancy Shawl Dancer from last year, so I input a Jingle Dancer and a Grass Dancer, which came out better than expected. I continued to utilize previous years’ design elements to create this year’s design.

I’m happy with the finished product, and I know NAB is too.

Quick Update

Lately I have been converting and updating cassette tapes that have been given to me by Shizhe’eyazh and Shinali, so that’s occupying my spare time, not too bad because many of the tapes have old Navajo and Native American Church songs.

The process goes from one program to another, and really focusing on clearing out the hums, clicks, crackles, and pops that old recordings have.

As far as design work, my job has been keeping me pretty busy especially on the various websites, which is great, because working on various projects keeps my mind sharp to providing the best output of design.

For awhile I was trying to create a WP theme of my own, but I did not enjoy certain things about what came out. I opted to stick with the defaul theme that WordPress recently rolled out with, very slick.

I will add more work, and perhaps write on this site when I’m not too occupied.

Aheehee for your patience.

Decolonizing Since 1492

Decolonizing Since 1492

Latest piece that I came up with as a protest to both the R*dskins and celebrating a butcher we know as Columbus.

I’m happy the way it turned out, I had the original idea to use a rejected/poison ink stamp over the two but I decided to merge the Washington DC football team logo and the most known Columbus portrait.

Using grunge elements and old world map texture, I was able to create a bloodied image that exemplifies a struggle and continual decolonization of what we know as history.

It’s a way to rewrite our Indigenous heritage and abolish the mainstay of misplaced historical experience.

13th Annual Brown University Powwow

I had the privilege designing the Native Americans at Brown (NAB)‘s 13th Annual Brown University Spring Thaw Powwow, they asked that I incorporate turquoise background which would also be the t-shirt base color. I wanted to keep the previous years’ logo, typography and shapes, to me consistency for the Spring Thaw Powwow helps create a unique and memorable event that many individuals in the New England area can look forward to.

I thank NAB for continuingly believing in my vision for their design.

Diné (Navajo) Web 2.0

Diné Web 2.0

The folks at Diné (Navajo) Web 2.0 asked me to create their branding, which would be used with their online and print presence. I was given free creative direction to establish and enhance the look and feel of their brand, I decided to utilize the Navajo home, Hooghan, also called Hogan, with almost four steps, it displays a balance of progress in expanding the efforts to not only preserve and educate but to extend the Navajo language into the future.

Native Innovations

Native Innovation Digital Storytelling Series

Native Innovations was looking to create a branding item for their Digital Storytelling workshop, the workshops I created the branding for Native Innovation’s Digital Storytelling, the icon itself reflects the use of technology as a way to share stories, “Navajo storytelling is an essential part to learning the Navajo language and instills foundations of the Diné philosophy of learning.”

Mexican Heritage Project

In June I was contacted by individuals working with the Mexican Heritage Project at the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson, AZ, they asked for promotional items such as flyer, postcard, and bookmark to distribute and market a new collection. I was asked to use photos for the different promotional items, which I did the best that I could.

12th Annual Brown University Powwow

I had a great time designing for the Native Americans at Brown, I was asked to touch up on their Spring Thaw Pow Wow brand and create 2 versions of their poster; one with the head dancers/drum groups and another to attract the general public. I also had the opportunity to create a shirt design with their newly created look for the 2013 Pow Wow.