Ya’at’eeh, áłtaháásiiłóó!

Hello, everyone!

So I have been extremely busy with my graduate programs (LIS & NAMA) here at the University of Arizona. Although, I am looking to update my website, so that I can include more work that I have done. So, bear with me as I’m trying balance my design life and my potential linguist life as well.

I have focused on the phonetics of the Diné Bizaad (Navajo language) so that sounds are found for secondary Diné Bizaad learners (SDBL) can begin to map a new route to their current sound systems. Also, another part of the sounds’ building up the vocabulary that makes our language very unique, so that should be interesting because of how important the phonetic system plays in distinguishing vowels with tone or no tone, consonants that might be voiced or voiceless, and much more.

I’m still open to take on work, in case you were interested. Hopefully you all have a wonderful day/week, the following are the latest work that I have done so far.

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