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Ya’at’eeh everyone!

As you can you see, I have updated the WP theme to reflect something a little different. Variety is certainly the spice of life, ayye! Besides that, I am serving as the Acting Program Supervisor for the Office of Navajo Nation Library (follow them on facebook, instagram, and twitter!), the Main Library located in Window Rock, AZ.

For some time now, the Navajo Nation has needed an update to their information and library services. Their needs have gone unmet. It will be the highest priority being in the position to expand on information and library services. I want to make change necessary and vital.

My journey in the Master of Arts in Library and Information Science (MLIS) program (American Library Association accredited) at the University of Arizona started back in 2015. As a graduate student in the MLIS program, I got to experience being a librarian in the academic, public, and tribal library settings.

As I was close to finishing the program, I got a glimpse of what it was going to be like serving in a tribal library. I served as the Acting Program Supervisor for the Torreon Community Library in the Torreon/Star-Lake Chapter in Torreon, NM (2018).

In May of 2019, I finished the MLIS program.

In summer of 2020, I finished writing my thesis work that focused on an assessment of how the Navajo language is being taught and what difficulties it has being front and present all over the Navajo Nation.

When I finished writing my thesis, I was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics focused on Native American Languages. I do have a good amount of linguistics knowledge as well as doing language analyzation, documenting languages, and turning those scholarly work into usable pedagogy for secondary learners.

Now that you have a bit of a rundown, you can see the need to update a bit because I still have been getting inquiries about design work but I’ve been far too busy. I do my best to answer your emails and messages/replies on the social medias as well.

Hopefully you enjoy the day!


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