Shedding positivity on Diné Bizaad acquisition and teaching

In the past few years there has been I have about language vitality, especially when its discussed on larger mediums besides the circles that we have. I have noticed that #DinéBizaad does not seem to have a lot of praise or discussed in a positive manner. Especially considering in the past 2 years, the NavajoContinue reading “Shedding positivity on Diné Bizaad acquisition and teaching”

Ya’at’eeh, áłtaháásiiłóó!

Hello, everyone! So I have been extremely busy with my graduate programs (LIS & NAMA) here at the University of Arizona. Although, I am looking to update my website, so that I can include more work that I have done. So, bear with me as I’m trying balance my design life and my potential linguistContinue reading “Ya’at’eeh, áłtaháásiiłóó!”