There’s a valley I live in, a valley that shimmers green and the clouds seem to break over the horizon. The road divides the valley but the landscape hides the asphalt and you see where the other end wonderfully.
“home, home again, I like to be here when I can.” from Pink Floyd “Home”

Yá’át’ééh, Shí éí Donovan yinishyé (Hello, they call me Donovan.)

I currently serve as the Community Library Manager for the Navajo Nation Library, which is the Main Library based in the heart of the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, AZ. There are 2 other branch libraries in Kayenta, AZ and Torreon, NM too. It is a great privilege to serve all Diné through library service. For about a year, I was the Acting Program Supervisor (June 2021 – May 2022), I hung in there because I wholeheartedly believed in transitioning the NN Library into an effective tribal public library system.

I still design….

I’m a multidisciplinary designer who’s focus lies heavily on graphic design, web, and UX design. I feel my skills are expertly achieved with:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe XD
  • WordPress – I encourage the use of WP and I create WP themes
  • Designing/developing web pages from scratch, I’m efficient with XHTML and CSS
  • User testing and mapping the user experience
  • Logo making, branding, typography, print design, layout design, photo-editing, and photo manipulation

It is within our traditions that we introduce ourselves, since digital connectivity is a form of bonding – this section will go over my identity in Diné Bizaad:

Naakaii Diné éí nishłí

I am from the Moving People clan

Dził tááh Diné Kinyaa’aanii báshíshchíín

Born for the Side-of-the-Mountain People of the Towering House clan

Mąíí Deeshgiizhnii dashicheii

My maternal grandfathers are of the Coyote Pass clan

Ná’toh Diné Táchii’nii dashinálí

My paternal grandfathers are of the Tobacco People of the Red-Streaking-Into Water clan