I will respond most of the time, but if you do not get a reply from me, I have deemed your message as not legitimate.

In the last few years

I have been making my transition from graphic/web design into tribal libraries and archives, language work, but most importantly, focusing on being the Community Library Manager for the Navajo Nation Library.

Design inquiries

I’m open to doing guaranteed projects, and not, submitting proposals as I value my time and yours. Please do keep that in mind as you submit an inquiry.

Consulting services

In the last few years, I have been asked to speak and to lead workshops that center around:

  • Tribal libraries: comprehensive plans to assist in further developing your tribal library or assessing changes and necessary modifications. Other ideas I have been asked about especially with tribal librarianship too.
  • Language revitalization: planning a comprehensive plan. Planning of immersive programs and options that could assist your program. Assisting in enhancing and creating archival digital spaces for your program.
  • Linguistical analysis: Indigenous language grammatical sketch, mapping sounds for your language, or phonetics for Indigenous languages.

It has been a great privilege to work with different communities whether they need some ideas on how they can enhancement their programs or speak about how merging tribal libraries and language revitalization is a wonderful thing!

I’m extremely happy to assist in your goals of further developing your tribal library or need further assistance in gaining insight into developing your language revitalization plan.

Otherwise, sko connect: