Updates and more updates

Ya’at’eeh everyone! As you can you see, I have updated the WP theme to reflect something a little different. Variety is certainly the spice of life, ayye! Besides that, I am serving as the Acting Program Supervisor for the Office of Navajo Nation Library (follow them on facebook, instagram, and twitter!), the Main Library locatedContinue reading “Updates and more updates”

Ya’at’eeh, áłtaháásiiłóó!

Hello, everyone! So I have been extremely busy with my graduate programs (LIS & NAMA) here at the University of Arizona. Although, I am looking to update my website, so that I can include more work that I have done. So, bear with me as I’m trying balance my design life and my potential linguist life asContinue reading “Ya’at’eeh, áłtaháásiiłóó!”