Shedding positivity on Diné Bizaad acquisition and teaching

In the past few years there has been I have about language vitality, especially when its discussed on larger mediums besides the circles that we have. I have noticed that #DinéBizaad does not seem to have a lot of praise or discussed in a positive manner. Especially considering in the past 2 years, the NavajoContinue reading “Shedding positivity on Diné Bizaad acquisition and teaching”

Ya’at’eeh, áłtaháásiiłóó!

Hello, everyone! So I have been extremely busy with my graduate programs (LIS & NAMA) here at the University of Arizona. Although, I am looking to update my website, so that I can include more work that I have done. So, bear with me as I’m trying balance my design life and my potential linguistContinue reading “Ya’at’eeh, áłtaháásiiłóó!”

Quick Update

Lately I have been converting and updating cassette tapes that have been given to me by Shizhe’eyazh and Shinali, so that’s occupying my spare time, not too bad because many of the tapes have old Navajo and Native American Church songs. The process goes from one program to another, and really focusing on clearing outContinue reading “Quick Update”